Petition of Augustus Casey and Others to the Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives

To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The undersigned respectfully represent that they are the only surviving heirs of Lurana Sepit, late of Carver in the County of Plymouth, that by a Resolve of the Legislature passed in 18391 (the Selectmen of the Town of Carver, being by an Act of the Legislature passed in 1835,2 constituted the Guardians of the Heirs of Lurana Sepit), the said Guardians were empowered to sell a portion of the lands of said heirs, that the amount necessary to be raised by such sale was a much smaller sum than the actual proceeds of the sale, and that by the proceedings of said Guardians a large quantity of the lands, aforesaid was improperly and needlessly sacrificed.               

Wherefore, they pray that, as they are under the protection of the Legislature, an enquiry may be instituted into the proceedings of said Guardians and such relief and remedy afforded to your petitioners as the Legislature may deem expedient and just.

Augustus Casey, his mark
Carver, January 18, 1843


We the undersigned petitioners are acquainted with Augustus Casey, a colored man, and believe the statement in the foregoing petition to be correct.  Elijah Willis, W. Bruston, Allen Dexter, Edward S. Akatt, Nathaniel Hammond, Levi Snow, Charles C. Beale, Rogers L. Barston, Samuel Sturtevant, Jr.Joshua Cushing, James Snow, John Akatt, George Braley, Josiah Holmes, M[ illegible ] Rogers, Francis Howard, Silas G. Bumpey, William Kyes, Darius Eldridge, Isaac Stevens

Legislative Action:

Petition of Augustus Casey and others, 3 praying for an inquiry into 4 certain proceedings of the Selectmen of the Town of Carver acting as Guardians.  January 1843.  Mr. Adams of Boston.  House of Representative. January 25, 1843.  Referred to the Committee on Probate and Chancery.  L. S. Cushing  5



  • 1. See Chapter 46, Acts and Resolves (Massachusetts, 1839), 100.
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  • 3. Deleted Text: to the Legislature
  • 4. Deleted Text: relief according to the terms therein set forth
  • 5. The petition did not advance.