Francis, Antone, 1803 - 1840

Antone Francis was a mariner from the Island of Madeira.  In 1827, he married Lucy C. Sepit, a member of the Herring Pond Indian community in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The couple had five children, John Sepit, Lucy Aunah, James N., Ruth E., and Sylvester G. Francis, who were born at Herring Pond.  In 1838, Antone was among the Herring Pond who petitioned the Massachusetts Legislature for assistance in building or repairing a schoolhouse.  He died two years later, in the middle of March 1840.  Antone, Lucy, and their children, Lucy and Sylvester, at least, are known to be buried in the Herring Pond Burial Ground in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Petition of John Conet, 1838.03.00.00.  Antone Francis, Find A Grave.