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Matthews, John

John Mathews (Juan  Matheos) operated an important English trading firm, John Mathews and Company, in Cadiz that sometimes dealt in the African slave trade and the redemption of Christian captives at Algiers.  Helen Andrews Kaufman, ed., Tangier At High Tide: The Journal of John Luke, 1670-1673 (Geneva, 1958) , 218;  Paloma Fernandez-Perez, "Cadiz," in Junius P. Rodriguez, ed. The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery, vol. 1 (Santa Barbara, 1997), 119.

Clelland, Robert

Scottish-born Robert Clelland was the school master at Mohegan (1752-1764), appointed by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England.  His differences and disputes with Samson Occom caused the Indian minister to consider him incompetent and racially-biased.  The missionary society replaced him in 1764 with William Hubbard.  He lived at least into the year 1775.