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Williams, William, 1708 - 1795

William Williams, Esq., (January 15, 1708-January 12, 1795) was the son of Colonel William Williams and Mercy Morgan of Groton, Connecticut.  In 1725, Williams acquired eighty-three acres of Pequot land from John Wood of Groton.  Thirteen years later, a number of Pequots protested his taking as illegal through their overseers and brought him to court.  After a jury found Williams not culpable, a petition from several Pequots moved the General Assembly to order a new trial, in which his claims were defeated.  In the years 1741, 1749, 1750, 1756, 17

Hewitt, Elias, Jr., 1792 - 1865

Lieutenant Elias Hewitt, Jr., (May 5, 1792-January 8, 1865) was the son of Elias Hewitt and Anna Hull of North Stonington, Connecticut, and the husband of Polly Miner.  He served as an ensign in the 4th Company of the 30th Regiment that responded to the British attack on Stonington in 1814. Hewitt was a justice of the peace and judge of probate for North Stonington.  In 1837, he was elected State senator for District No.

Williams, William, 1716 - 1801

William Williams was the son of  John and Desire Williams from Stonington, Connecticut, and the husband of Martha Wheeler.  He served as a Justice of the Peace for a long term of years, a selectman, and the town's representative to the General Assembly.  Stephen West Williams, The Genealogy and History of the Family of Williams in America (Greenfield, MA: Merriam & Mirick, 1847), 209.