Order of Summons for William Williams and Nathan Crary

To the sheriff of the County of New London or his deputy or to either of the constables of Stonington within said county, Greeting

Whereas on the memorial of Mary Mamoho, etc., Pequot Indians preferred at the General Assembly in May 1749, complaining of sundry wrongs and grievances by diverse persons committed and occasioned to them as the improvement of their lands, etc. and praying for a committee etc., it was by said Assembly resolved that a committee repair unto said land, view, hear, and report etc., and especially to report by whom the cost of such inquiry should be borne, and whereas, said committee having repaired to said land, viewed, heard the parties etc., did at the General Assembly in October last, among other things, thereupon report that such cost ought to be paid and answered by William Williams and Nathan Crary, both of said Stonington, and whereas, on the memorial of said Mary Mamoho etc. at the General Assembly in its sessions at Hartford in May instant, reciting the matters above said and showing no resolve to have been at said October sessions at all, come into respecting said cost and praying order for payment of said cost etc.  It was by said last Assembly thereupon resolved that the consideration of said last-mentioned memorial should be referred to the session of the General Assembly of New Haven in October next.  And that in the meantime, said Williams and Crary be duly cited to appear before said Assembly in October next to show reason wherefore the said cost should not be taxed against them as of record appear.

These are therefore to require you in his Majesty’s name to summon the said William Williams and Nathan Crary to appear (if they see cause) before the said General Assembly of this Colony to be holden at New Haven on the second Thursday in October next, before said Assembly on the first Tuesday next after said second Thursday to show reason, if any they have, wherefore the cost in said memorial referred to should not be taxed against them.

Hereof, you may not fail and make due return of this writ with your doings thereon.

Dated at Hartford, this 31st day of May in the year of our Lord 1750

George Wyllys, Secretary

            Endorsement:   Stonington, September 19th in the year of our Lord 1750 / Then was the within named Nathan Crary served and , September 22nd in the year of our Lord 1750, was the within-named William Williams served with the within written summons by reading the same in their hearing by me, Amos Denison, constable of Stonington

                                    Officer’s fees for service and travel 8 pounds, 11 shillings, 4 pence, old tenor

Notation:          Citation Williams, etc.

Cataloguing:    43a-b