Connecticut General Assembly Resolve on the Petition of the Pequots in Stonington

Upon the memorial of John Quiumps, Amos Miller, Moses QuiumpsSimon Sokiant, Jacob Sowas, Jonathan Newkee, Peter Poheage and Benjamin Simon, Pequot Indians living in Stonington in the county of New London in the behalf of themselves and the rest of said Pequots showing to this assembly that Ebenezer Backus, Esq., of Norwich and said Lieutenant Israel Hewitt, Jr., were by this assembly appointed their overseers, which said Ebenezer Backus, Esq., by reason of indisposition of body and his living so great a distance from them that nothing hath been done by said overseers for the settlement of their affairs and praying that Mr. Charles Phelps of said Stonington might be appoint[ed] in the stead of said Backus as per memorial on file.

Resolved by this assembly that the said Charles Phelps be appointed and he is hereby appointed an overseer of said Indians in room and stead of said Ebenezer Backus, Esq., to take the oversight of said Indians and their estates in conjunction with the said Israel Hewitt, etc.

                    Legislative Action:             Passed in the Lower House/  Test William Williams, Clerk      

                                                           Concurred in the Upper House/ Test George Wyllys, Secretary

            Cataloguing:  251

October 17661

  • 1. Date supplied by Sylvester Judd