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Know all men to whom these presents shall come that we, Henry Chesebrough of North Stonington in New London County, as principal, and Erastus Williams of Groton in said County, as surety, are holden and stand firmly bound unto Isaac Spencer, Esq., of Hartford in Hartford County, as he is Treasurer of the State of Connecticut, and to his successor in said office, in the penal sum
A memorandum of stock allowed to keep in the Indian Town pasture1 for the year 1816, to be taken in first day of June into said pasture by the Indians2
To The Honorable The General Assembly of The State of Connecticut to Be Holden at New Haven[1] within And for Said State on The second Thursday of October[2] AD 1818 
To a coffin for Esther Waugs       $3.00
April 16, 1829                   
Received of Silas Chesebrough 15 dollars towards Cyrus Shelly, Jr.'s account.  Also received 50 cents of said Chesebrough in full for Anna Nedson's account, both of which belong to the Pequot tribe of Indians.
To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Connecticut to be Holden at Hartford on the Second Thursday of May, 1800[1]

Account of the Indian School at Stonington, which I (Joseph Fish) have taken the whole care of, ever since the year 1757,  in the spring or summer, as appears from my First Minute Book of Indian Affairs at Stonington of which, I now find, a Journal would have been especially serviceable.


Pequot Tribe of Indians to Shubael Whitney




April 20, 1822

To making a coffin for Hannah Miller’s boy

$ 1.34

April 15, 1825

To making a coffin for Benjamin George’s boy


Pequot Tribe to Henry Hallet




To carting one load of wood at 34 cents for James Sunsamon



Erastus Williams, Overseer to Pequot Tribe of Indians, to Thomas Hallet to articles

delivered said tribe




Mr. Erastus Williams, Overseer of Pequot Tribe, to Asa Fish, Esq.