Quiumps, John, - 1808

John Quiumps married Margaret Moses, in Preston, April 19, 1742.   They had three children, John , Margaret and Rosanna, all of whom were baptized in the Preston 2nd Church on the same day in May 1742. He later served as a soldier in Captain Denison’s Company, for 282 days prior to 1751.   Upon his return to North Stonington he married again this time to Joanna Shon on Feb 17, 1752. He was brought to court at least twice for debt in 1764.  In 1766 and 1788 he signed tribal petitions for the appointment of new overseers.  Despite his precarious financial situation Quiumps pledged his support in December of 1771 for the construction of a new schoolhouse on the Eastern Pequot reservation.  Quiumps was listed as a pauper in Stonington, residing in the home of James Newkee, from Dec. 1-1801 to Nov. 1807.   When North Stonington separated from Stonington, he became a pauper of that town, dying at the home of  Newkee, Jan 4, 1808.  Brown and Rose, Black Roots, 327; New London County Court Records, Box 2, Folder 21; Bill Library, Ledyard Historical Room, William Williams,Accounts  1755-1788, Court Cases 1761-1779, p.66; 1766.10.06.00; 1788.05.00.00

January 4, 1808