Shelly, Thomas, 1802 - 1863

Eastern Pequot Thomas Shelly was the son of Samuel and Esther Shelly of Stonington (now North Stonington), Connecticut.  In 1830, he was recorded as being 24-35 years old, resided in a household with another woman in the same age. range.  By 1840, his family had grown by the addition of a son under ten years old.  Shelly's wife's age was given as between 24-35.  The following January, he was a signatory on an 1841 Eastern Pequot petition requesting the removal and replacement of overseer Ezra Hewitt.

Thomas Shelly died in North Stonington on September 26, 1863, at 61 years old from chronic peritonitis.1The death record indicated that he was unmarried at the time, which suggests that he and his wife had previously separated or she had died.

Federal Enumeration of Connecticut (North Stonington, 1830, 1840), Ancestry.  NLCounty Vital Records, North Stonington, Deaths, Microfilm # 1309964, 1852-1920, item 2, pg. 12, POCD, MPMRC.

Spetember 26, 1863