Wheeler, Charlotte, - 1862

Eastern Pequot community member Charlotte (Lotty) Wheeler (1796-May 26, 1862) had the following children: Mary (bc. 1819), John (bc. 1826), Cyrus (bc. 1829), Daniel (bc. 1832), and Eunice (bc. 1836).  Mary F. James, the 3-year old child who appeared in the 1850 census with them may have been Charlotte's child but more likely was a grandchild.  It is not clear what her husband's name was.
In December 1834, Ezra Hewitt, the tribe's state-appointed overseer, provided Charlotte with various articles.  In February of the following year, she received two loads of wood.
Charlotte is listed in the 1840 census for Stonington with six others in her household--a boy and two girls under 10, three young men, 10-23, four employed in agriculture.
Ten years later, her household included Mary Wheeler, age 31, John Wheeler, age 24, Cyrus age 21, and Daniel age 18--all three men, laborers--Eunice, age 16, and Mary F. James, age 3, who may have been Charlotte's child but, considering the elder's age, more likely a granddaughter or not related at all.  By 1860, she is enumerated with five-year old Cyrus George (1857-1898) the son of her daughter Eunice and Mashantucket Austin George.
Charlotte Wheeler died a widow in North Stonington on May 26, 1862 of uterine ulceration. 
New London County Vital Records, North Stonington, Deaths, Microfilm # 1309964, 1852-1920, item 2, pg. 10, POCD, MPMRC.  Sources for this biography come from the Related Digital Heritage Items listed below.

c. 1796
May 26, 1862