Petition of Calvin Williams and Other Eastern Pequots to the Superior Court for the County of New London, Connecticut

To the Honorable Superior Court for the County of New London
We, the undersigned, would most respectfully state that we are members of, and belong to, the Pequot Tribe of Indians of North Stonington and as members of said tribe, we would, and do remonstrate against and object to the selling of the lands belonging to us.  And we most respectfully ask Your Honor to stay and put a stop to any proceedings in relation to the sale of said lands.  We furthermore, most earnestly beg that Your Honorable Court would , as soon as practicable, remove Leonard C. Williams of Stonington, the present overseer of said tribe, from said overseership and appoint Dudley W. Stewart, Esq. of North Stonington in his place.
And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.
Dated at North Stonington this 26thday of June 1873
Eunice Cottrell
Rachel M. Jackson
Fanny Jackson
Irene Jackson
Phebe Jackson
Lucy A. Jackson
William H Jackson
Jane M. Jackson
Tamar Sebastian and her nine children 
Jane M. Watson
Sarah J. Watson
Mercy Williams,  her mark          
Lucy Hill, mark
Isaac Tracy, mark
George W. Hill, mark
Florence Randall
Abby B Randall